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Dagnabit - G.R.I.T.S. Wooden Nicklez Theory
Posted: Tuesday - August 23, 2011


Dayton, Ohio native Dagnabit is more than just another new artist trying to be heard. Inspired by acts like The Ohio Players and Zap and Rogers, his flow resembles a Midwestern version of Jay Electronica due to his deep voice and penchant for spitting about more than the usual rap fare. His latest disc G.R.I.T.S. Da Wooden Nicklez Theory gives Dagnabit the proper platform to present his argument for why more A&Rs should be looking toward the Midwest for the next wave of artists.


Over soulful, funk inspired tracks, Dagnabit rhymes lean more towards the problems of the hood and how to solve them rather than celebrating it.


The disc starts off with Don’t Wanna Be Wrong, a strong track backed up by a dope sample. Dagnabit drops lines like, “Guess my minds made up. I’d rather do rap, than have a  9-5 or start working in the trap.”


Danger! is another banger. Dagnabit goes back and forth over the beat as if he's rapping versus himself. Rhymes like, “Your life is fabricated, like the Huxtables/ Time to get taxed nigga, I’m your deductible/ I’m at your neck and you know how the Smif and Wessun do/ Got ya in, lucky you/ But this ruger dude will shape you like a rubix cube/ It’s quick to turn a fruit, to a vegetable," give you a glimpse into how deep he can go when he really starts to rhyme. 


One of the standout songs on the disc is Drop The Money, featuring Khayne Raw and Cornboi…some soulful jackboy rap. The hook says it all with, “Say you in that trap (trap),  And you got them packs (packs) Gun to your back (back), when the gun go clap (clap), Drop, drop, drop the money” and “Your laughing, it ain’t funny/ That clack, clack/ Will turn your giggles till your nose runny/ And if my situation ain’t improving/ I’m murdering everything moving…feel me.” Khayn and Cornaboi hold their own spitting lines about ribs touching and guns busting till the money comes.


Ignorant Persuasions is another banger. Dagnabit uses this track to show his storytelling skills. “I’m like Ide Amin/ Roaming through the ravine/ Eyes clear from the vasine/ Ice Cube no Vaseline/ Early in the 90’s, gangbangers fought over everything/ 40 ounces in paperbags, sack of that Mary Jane.”


While not on the level of Biggie, his penchant for telling stories is great. Listen for the hook, “Persuasion Caucasian/ The ignorant nigga/ This how you base your life/ Is this the way that you’re living,” by the time you get to the skit, you’re fully engrossed in the world of Dagnabit, a world that’s filled with soulful tracks and deeper than rap rhymes.


Overall, G.R.I.T.S. Da Wooden Nicklez Theory is a great project that leaves you wanting to hear more from the Ohio player.


Standout Tracks: "Don’t Wanna Be Wrong", "Drop The Money", "Ignorant Persuasions", "Danger!"




1. Don’t Wanna Be Wrong

2. Danger!

3. Whatcha Know About Me

4. Dancing With The Devil ft. Adrean Jones

5. Bad World

6. Port Of Spain (Skit)

7. Drop The Money ft. Khayn Raw & Cornaboi

8. G.R.I.T.S

9. Soul Brother Number One

10. World Called Love

11. Ignorant Persuasions

12. I’m Gonna Change


- By Mekha

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Mekha - Yo Rap Magazine (Aug 23, 2011)