30's Rookie (Radio Version)


30's Rookie boasts some of the most refreshing, dynamic music and lyrics available today. The quality of this project is top rate and it rivals many mainstream music products from major labels. You have to hear it to believe it!

Album Artist: L-Mystro - www.facebook.com/lmystro1

Featured Artist: Lacee Kay - www.facebook.com/lacee.kay.52

Featured Artist: Dagnabit - www.facebook.com/derrick.henry.7965

Featured Artist: Tim Low - www.facebook.com/randall.bledsoe1

Featured Artist: Aes Baby - www.facebook.com/Aesbaby

Music Creator: Dre Manuel - www.instagram.com/dreman85

Audio Engineer: MOE BEATs (Razdabar Sound & Management) - www.facebook.com/dawn.razdabar

Company Logo & Album Artwork Design: Chris Kairos (4FrontDesign) - www.4frontdesign.com

Album Photography: Christina Brown (CKB Photography) - www.christinabrownphotography.com

Song Producer(s): L-Mystro & MOE BEATs

Executive Producer: L-Mystro

Additional Notes:

L-Mystro is from Dayton, Ohio.

30's Rookie is L-Mystro's Debut album.

L-Mystro didn't start writing rap songs until he was 32 years old!

L-Mystro wrote all of the lyrics on 30's Rookie, except for the featured verses on "Put Me In."

Dre Manuel created all of the original music for 30's Rookie.

L-Mystro is the co-owner of Graveyard Shift Entertainment LLC

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